AirDrop can be a great tool if it’s working. Although it can get a bit glitchy sometimes, AirDrop is an easy and quick way to send files and photos from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. The sharing icon is a rectangular rectangle that has an arrow at the top. You can also select the ‘Share’ option from the menu. AirDrop is the next step. You will then select which device you would like to share your files with.

If you don’t see the device that you wish to share with, you can open Finder in Mac OS X and click on AirDrop. It may be necessary to set the discovery to Contacts Only. AirDrop can be found in iOS Settings. Select Contacts only or everyone.

You will see notifications in the top right corner. They disappear once you have hovered over them. You can see all your recent notifications in a single glance by apple watch price in srilanka tapping on the date/time at the top-right corner. This includes emails, Slack message, Messages and Find My alerts. The list will expand and allow you to select the action you wish to take. You can swipe with your two finger trackpad in order to open your notifications.

You might have an app that’s stopping your MacBook from going to sleep or your iMac from sleeping when you try. It’s easy to find out what background apps may be stopping your Mac from closing down.

Select ‘Columns from the View Menu at the top to find ‘Activity monitor’. The column titled ‘Preventing Sleep” will display a yes or no if an application on the list is creating a problem. Menu bar by default appears on your Mac, but it can be changed to only appear when the cursor is hovered over top of screen. For example, it’s great for people who don’t want to see their whole screen.

Tap on the Apple at the top-left corner to open System Settings. Then, tap ‘Desktop and Dock’. Choose from the list of options next to “Automatically hide or show the menubar”.

When there is no Wi-Fi, but you do have cell phone connectivity, such as an iPhone or other device, you can access the Internet by connecting to your hotspot. The password for the iPhone’s personal hotspot can be found in Settings, then Personal Hotspot. To do this, go to your Mac’s Wi-Fi symbol and choose your phone. Tap in the password.

Macs come with a handy feature called “Hot Corners” that lets you perform actions quickly, like putting the device to sleep. Hot Corners can be accessed by going to System Settings, tapping on the Apple icon in the upper-left corner. Then scroll to Desktop & Dock and tap it. Hot Corners is located at the bottom. Here, you can customize what happens when your mouse touches each corner.

As an example, top left could be set to put your Mac into sleep mode, top right would show Application Windows, bottom left would open a Quick Note while bottom right will launch Mission Control.

Mac users can have multiple apps and windows overlapping, just like on iPad. However, a split screen view can be used to keep multi-tasking looking cleaner. Mail can be opened on one side and a document open on the opposite, so you’re able to do both while keeping an eye on emails.

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